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rare AC/DC CDs and DVD!! We have the best by fans for fans ! 
07:25pm 25/10/2009


Sight and Sound... AC/DC rare concerts, footage, interviews .. DVD & CD .. more bands being added soon! Come check us out!!

By fans and for fans, fan produced rarities and collectors items, one of a kind and nothing mainstream about it!

trouble andrew 
06:05pm 26/06/2009
  anybody on here into trouble andrew? he's one of my fav artists right now. i caught him live recently when he was opening for his girl santigold. such a good show! especially when they performed together.

his video for chase money is pretty good.

check his stuff out on myspace!
08:46pm 10/08/2008
  (001-044) Sweeney Todd: The Demon Barber Of Fleet Street
(045-086) Harry Potter Promotional Stills (OOTP/GOF/HBP)
(087-159) Harry Potter and The Order Of The Phoenix</strike>
(160-169) Motley Crue

Click here to see them all!

12:43pm 01/08/2008
  (1-20) Sleepy Hollow
(21-42) Charlie And The Chocolate Factory
(43-61) Edward Scissorhands

(62-) Motley Crue (Nikki/Vince)

Click here to see them all! :)

Rules about snagging etc, under the cut. Thanks!
Judas Priest at Turkcell Kuruçeşme Arena 
02:40pm 14/07/2008
  I saw Judas Priest last night. I don't even know what to say and I can't even describe it with words. The setlist was the same as the others, too bad a local news agency told that "They're gonna sing nearly 30 songs" meh, they didn't. You probably know the setlist, but for the ones who doesn't, here it is:

Metal Gods
Eat Me Alive
Between the Hammer and the Anvil
Devil’s Child
Breaking the Law
Hell Patrol
Dissident Aggressor
The Hellion / Electric Eye
Rock Hard, Ride Free
Hell Bent for Leather
The Green Manalishi (With the Two-Pronged Crown)
You’ve Got Another Thing Coming

( Read the rest here )
I've got too many shirts in my closet. 
01:15am 04/07/2008
  Hey, everybody. I'm getting rid of a bunch of classic rock and metal shirts as I don't wear them anymore. I figured I'd see if any of you would want 'em.
Bunch of bands here, so bear with me...

Pics and info under the cut...Collapse )

They're all in great condition, and a couple have barely been worn.
They're just too big for me now.

Send me an offer through e-mail at heywoodhead@yahoo.com, or use the Private Messaging system LJ's got now.
In your offer, please include about $5 to ship a shirt(s) via priority mail.
Obviously, if you want all of 'em, or a bunch of 'em, the shipping will just be the flat rate priority box, and you'll get as many as you want. I'm willing to let these all go for a fair price. Just include $9.80 for the Flat-Rate Priority Mail box if you want more than one.

PLease take these off my hands, someone.
53 Crue icons! 
05:54pm 30/06/2008
  A few Crue and Crue related (ie. Kat Von D) icons, basically just a bit of a tribute to their new album which, by the way, kicks ass! There's also a few screencaps from some of their music videos if you're interested. Go have a look, leave feedback and feel free to steal any as long as you give me credit and tell me which you're nicking :)

(1-9) Kat Von D.
(10-27) Kat Von D & Nikki Sixx.
(28-42) Nikki Sixx & Tommy Lee @ Spike TV 2nd Annual Guys Choice Awards.
(43-53) Motley Crue.


Van Halen at Madison Square Garden 
02:54pm 28/05/2008
  Hey everybody!

The folks over at AlmacksDanceHall.com went to the Van Halen show
on May 23rd at Madison Square Garden. There is a hilarious review
of it up on the site. Here's a little taste of it:

"For me, the original Van Halen is one of few bands that actually have
both amazing showmanship AND solid musicianship to back it up. David
Lee Roth is the ultimate entertainer and has an immeasurable amount of
charisma and energy, even now. He emerged on stage wearing a circus
ringmaster jacket and for a fleeting moment I thought I was accidentally
at the comeback performance of Ziegfried and Roy. But Diamond Dave was at
his best– beaming personality, physically fit, and acting like a surprisingly
appropriate version of himself from days ago. He channeled his old persona,
but thankfully he recognized no one wanted to see a 50 year old humping an
inflated microphone in a spandex number. Me especially. His vocals and moves
are completely intact, and he delivered all the sass and sleaze we have come
to associate with his over the top performances. A high point for me was
when Roth referred to having sex as “getting leg.” Guess what? I’m officially
stealing that phrase and using it from this point forward."

Read the rest of it here!

Have a great day!
Nikki/Kat cons 
09:24pm 15/05/2008
  (1-14) Nikki Sixx & Kat Von D ♥
(15-47) Johnny Depp
(48-78) Henry Ian Cusick
(79-96) Russell Brand (and FSM cast)
(97-118) Russell Brand & Noel Fielding

Follow the cut HERE!

Comment which your stealing, if you are, and leave feedback :) Thankyou!

09:15pm 23/04/2008
mood: amused
(1-9) Nikki Sixx.
(10-29) Nikki and Kat ♥.
(30-37) Kat Von D.
(38-57) Russell Brand @ Forgetting Sarah Marshall press conference
(58-70) Kate Winslet @ Finding Neverland Los Angeles premiere

To see them all click HERE

Please leave feedback, comment if you're nabbing and give credit. :) Thankyouu.
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01:28pm 09/04/2008


Those who are about to rock, we salute you! 
11:40am 02/04/2008
  Hi you guys! I decided to join this community for I'm a die hard classic Heavy Metal fan though I'm only sixteen years old now. I got into metal when I started to listen to Nightwish, then my father took me to a Judas Priest concert and that changed my music taste for good. Now my favourite bands are Judas Priest, Dio, Black Sabbath and Deep Purple. I just admire Rob Halford's and Ronnie James Dio's voices and Tony Iommi is the God Of The Riff, my guitar hero :D  
12:43am 29/03/2008
  Rainy Day Psychiatric Hospital [RP]

Rainy Day Psychiatric Hospital [RP]Collapse )
New Season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels Premieres Tonight! 
11:52am 11/03/2008

As I’m sure you all already know, the third season of Gene Simmons Family Jewel starts tonight! Don’t forget to tune in at or set your tivos for 10/9C on A&E. To celebrate, we have a fun widget for you that you can put on Facebook, MySpace, iGoogle, Netvibes, etc. You can grab the widget here: http://www.genesimmonsfamilyjewelswidget.com/ Hope you like it and see you tonight!

~LaShaunda with A&E
Hi. :) 
09:28pm 08/03/2008

online stores only.i have a cousin who is inlove with the 80's metal style and inlove with Sebastian Bach's style when he was with the band skid row. his style. skin tight jeans and leather pants and the leather jactet. so help?and so i wanna get her some nice stuff.
help please? and dont go saying hot topic.
im talking about real clothes that look like their from the 80's.
not that emo stuff. haha 

you know i try asking yahoo questions but no one could help. so much help is wanted. thanks.
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09:24am 03/03/2008
mood: blah
hey ... i'm new here and I'm in love with the 80's. It sucks that I was born in the 90's with all the pop crap and now the hip-hop/rap shit. I also love Motley Crue, AC/DC, Guns n Roses, Skid Row, Warrant, and Poison plus others. And even though i'm only 15, I'm in love with Nikki Sixx, Slash, Izzy Stradlin, Jani Lane + so many more =P. Yea ... one day realy glam/hair metal will be back on top ...
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02:31pm 02/03/2008



Skinny / Slim Fit

RRP. £15.00 Get it for 6.99!!



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Gene Simmons Family Jewels 
12:19pm 26/02/2008

This is LaShaunda with A&E, here to remind you to catch up with Gene Simmons as the rockstar and his family return for an even bigger, better season of Gene Simmons Family Jewels on A&E. Back-to-back new episodes premiere Tuesday, March 11th at 10:00 PM ET/PT. In the meantime, visit http://www.aetv.com/genesimmonsfamilyjewels/ for games, quizzes, and exclusive behind-the-scenes videos!

Sebastian Bach Face Melting 
05:10pm 19/11/2007
  I just listened to the new sebastian bach album and it rocked me pretty hard. pretty agressive, and in fact, it features a track with axl rose on it called, (love is) a bitchslap. pretty enjoyable record. check out the e-card:


and a chance to win an i-phone:

Anyone here a Lizzy Borden fan?.. 
06:14pm 11/11/2007
  Their 'Appointment with Death' blew me away. As well as their earlier stuff... but not everyone's THAT consistently good. At least, to my ears.

I actually don't expect a lot of closet Lizzy maniacs to spring out from nowhere, but maybe some of you haven't yet heard this record... After all, Lizzy was one of those to maintain that 'we love it loud!'

Official Lizzy site
Lizzy Borden on Evilspace... I mean Myspace